Is PPLIC a Scam?


This question didn’t really came to me until I read so many blog posts against the insurance plan we just bought.  Most blog posts I read were complaints on how the vultures of PPLIC lured and scammed them.  There is an ocean of marketing strategies out there and no matter how obnoxious and intrusive, I knew theirs was just one of the many.  Having worked in advertising and finance businesses in the past, their marketing ploy was not surprising for me at all.

The Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co., Inc. (PPLIC) came in the picture just recently luring shoppers to claim freebies in exchange of a 45 minute talk – for promotion and advertisement purposes, they say.  Jeedo and I went to LimKetKai Mall one lazy day just to spend time together.  We didn’t really have a destination in mind so when an agent came to us and offered some goodies, we took the bait.  They were very strategic and well-coordinated.  Like a pack of goons passing bank money bags from one to another -flawlessly.  We were escorted to their service car and were politely received at their 5th Floor office at the Gateway Tower.  The staff were courteous and everyone seemed like on high spirits even at 8:00 in the evening.

The product was presented to us and to cut a very long exchange of stories short, we bought the premium package and paid in advance for the whole year.  We shelled out around PHP24K in cold cash.  My husband and I were pretty much impressed by their service and were happy about buying the product.  It was more of a savings plan with insurance.  Not a growth fund or term investment because the interest rate is really low.  You can hardly feel the money growing with time.   We already have insurance policies in PRULife UK and Philam.  And Ea’s college is pretty much covered with that already.  So this PPLIC pack we bought was more like putting money in a virtual piggy bank.

I know most of the rants were about the way they were lured into the Vulture’s Den.  I would agree, the style is obnoxious and deceitful.  If I were a skeptic type, I wouldn’t have delved into it.  To be honest, I didn’t mind their strategy then as much as I do now – after reading a lot of blog posts.  I admired the products but not their promos and agents.  I’ve let go of their freebie pranks and have forgiven the vultures (ahem!).  I’m concerned now if the products were real at all.  If I’ll need it back at some point, will I get anything?  Is there anyone out there who bought their products some 10 years ago and happily reaping its benefits now?

Lesson learned: Investments should be properly thought through – for way more than 45 minutes.   There shouldn’t be any room for hasty decisions when it comes to expense, finances and savings.  So I’m gonna go ahead and check the policy packs.  I stowed it safely away thinking I just have to wait until it’s cooked and ready, haha.

They do have a website which you can find by clicking here.

Deetsie Aquino

I am Deetsie a.k.a Ann Laureano Aquino. I have quite an extensive management experience on Internet Advertising, Placement QA and Evaluation, Sponsorship and outreach campaigns. Most projects have been running since 2006 to present. While moving along with the ever dynamic industry of media acquisition and high-level link building, I've been taking serious strides towards market funneling, developing Social Search Strategies and providing cost-effective advertising solutions to local brands.

69 thoughts on “Is PPLIC a Scam?

  1. shit hole!! they just call me yesterday …..saying that i win in a raffle draw..Autohan bilangan ..thinks for a substantial information……this day sucks….no i know …..buti na lng nag search muna ako ..hahahaha damned shit..

  2. shit hole!! they just call me yesterday …..saying that i win in a raffle draw..Autohan bilangan ..thanks for a very substantial information……this day sucks….now know …..buti na lng nag search muna ako ..hahahaha damned shit..

  3. Grabe, scam pla tlga cla ang galing nilang manloko ng tao… yesterday na scam yta aq, they said 45 minutes na pagpapakilala sa company then turned into almost 2 hours, grbe nakikita na nga ng agent na ayoko at hindi aq pumapayag hindi tlga aq tinigilan unless magbigay ng pera sakanila wala silang awa last money sa ATM q tlgang pinilit pang kunin. Then kanina pumunta aq because I want my money back they said na it will take 30-45 days… totoo po kaya yun ? makukuha ko pa po kya yung pera q kung mag aantay aq ng 30-45 days?

  4. 45 mins will alwasy be 2 hours sa kanila!! Di ka kasi titigilan kahit ayaw mo talaga!! such a waste of time. Mga sinungaling agents nila!! Why is this company and their practices still existing. Sino ba kapit nitong mga to?

  5. Yup! The “45 minute” session lasted 2 hours for me too. Only because I decided not to make a quick decision in giving them my money. They even asked me how much fund is in my bank account (WTF!). I was trying to be so polite that I just kept saying “no”. Totoo, sobrang kulit and they will really not stop hanggang mapaoo ka so prinangka ko na sila. Sabi ko “let me go and stop wasting my valuable time. Do yourself a favor, ipahinga mo na yung utak at bibig mo dahil di mo ako mapapaoo”. I can’t forget the mortified look on that woman’s face. Ginustu nya yan eh. That was last Sept 2012, now…some guy texted me and asked me to get a freebie in their office. PPLIC daw 2 words…NO WAY! They said to me before that I cannot go back to that one opportunity they’re offering if i’ll go walking out their door (who cares) tapos ngayun mag tetext sila? I believe in their product but not the way they market it. But who knows, when the time comes na wala nang magtiwala sa kanila dahil sa ginagawa nila, baka matulad din sila sa ibang pre-need company na nagsara dahil sa pag backout ng mga clients.

  6. Guys, don’t panic… Talagang nakakabwisit lang ang marketing strategies ng ibang insurance companies. Katulad nga ng sisisabi nyong kompanya. But it doesn’t mean na scam ang mga insurance. O walang kwenta ang mga ito. I myself is maintaining several insurance policies from various insurance companies. I am happy about it. Take note: INSURANCE and not pre-need or alike. First insurance nowadays evolved already into something advance and sophisticated that it can address income protection need, savings need, retirement need, education need, medical need, wealth accumulation or even wealth preservation. Pang ESTATE PLANNING ika nga. Mind you, these things are far more better than BANK products when it comes to RETURNS (KITA) and value. Insurance products are also much safer that BANKS. Though you have to assess your goals. Kasi kung short term lang ang financial goals mo, ilagay mo nlang ang pera mo sa banko at kikita ka ng napakaliit na interest. Kung long term naman mas maganda ilagay ang pera sa insurance dahil kikita ito ng di hamak nag mas malaki yun nga lang hindi sya liquid(pwedeng gastoson anytime; kapag emergencies lang through what we call policy loan or cash surrender). Kaya ito tinawag na disciplined savings. You are forced to save for your long term needs pero kapag may nangyari sayo along the way while saving, you don’t have to worry kasi your family won’t be left empty handed at all. if you survive, then you celebrate a feast to enjoy your benefits. Second, bank only insures 500k of your aggregate savings through PDIC. kahit 5 pa nag bank accounts mo at 10 million ang pera mo sa iisang bank kapag na bankrupt, 500k lang ang isosoli sayo. pero sa insurance walang lugi. whatever amount you place it is secured not by the insurance company but by the INSURANCE COMMISSION which is under the umbrella of the Department of Finance. Ibig sabihin let us say may Sum Insured ka na 1 million. Hindi ka pa nag keclaim binayaran na ng insurance company mo yun sa INSURANCE COMMISSION at ang tawag dun ay RESERVES. INSURANCE COMMISSION ay governing body ng lahat na legitimate at credible na insurance company sa Pilipinas. Siguraduhin mo lang na ang company na napili mo ay kabilang dito. Third, pag dating sa investments may mga insurance companies din na kayang mag-offer ng guaranteed capital protection; pwede ka pang pumili kung saan mo ilalagay yung pera mo: sa stock market ba or sa bonds… depende sa risk preference mo. kung kuripot ka eh di sa mas safe… government bonds. kung aggressive investor ka; sa stocks or combination kung moderate ka lang. Ang maganda dito the worst that can happen during market crash ay ibalik ang capital mo. not bad… well pag dating naman sa estate planning, alam nyo ba na when you passed away, lahat ng asset mo ay naka freeze at hindi pwedeng galawin ng kahit sinong pamilya mo. BIR would only give you six months to pay your ESTATE TAX na more or less 20% ng total assets mo bago maenjoy ng pamilya mo yung mga naiwan mo…. san ka kukuha nun? eh pati bank accounts mo na ka freeze din… pero may paraan. Insurance lang hindi kayang i-freeze ng BIR kasi it is not considered as an income but a death benefit. kaya yung proceeds na makukuha can be used to pay estate tax so your family would enjoy the assests. kasi kapag di nabayaran ang estate tax. confiscated na yan ng government at di na mababawi ng family mo. Buti nalang may insurance. Fourth, Ang insurance, commission ay may solvency act. Ibig sabihin WALANG NALULUGING INSURANCE COMPANY, nagmemerge meron. Lalo na kung hindi na kayang tugunan ng isang insurance company ang requirements ng INSURANCE COMMISSION, iaabsorb ito ng mas malaking insurance company kasama lahat ng empleyado nito at existing clients. so logically, walang nagsasara. Nagmemerge lang… In fact, I can challenge kung kaya nyo ba magbigay ng kahit isang INSURANCE COMAPANY na nagsara? wla diba? for more than a hundred years na may insurance (LIFE INSURANCE) company dito sa PILIPINAS wala pang nabankrupt or nagsara ni isa… Kaya walang dapat katakutan. kaya tayo natatakot kasi hindi natin alam kong ano ang pinapasok natin. kaya dapat alamin nating kung ano ba nag financial circumstances natin bago tayo pumirma ng contrata. lahat naman ng insurance maganda. ang tanong lang, tama ba yung napili mo para sayo? kung napilit ka lang… magdalawang isip ka. kasi kailangan ng mabuting desisyon. galit din ako sa mga marketing style na ganun. na kakainis talaga but not in life insurance. Ika nga. There is nothing more CERTAIN than life insurance… Kasi ng guaranteed. Kung Traditional life insurance. Kung Variable insurance ibang usapan naman yan. I hope nakatulong ako kahit papano. Yung mga nakakuha na… sad to say… kung Traditional insurance yan or endowment hindi na yan refundable…. lalo na in first 3 to 5 years… imentain nyo nalang. malaking tulong yan pagdating ng panahon…

  7. just yesterday I received a tx msg from pplic that anytime I can claim my freebies but before I get on it I research and now I found out it was a scam..many had victim and I don’t want to be belong.. thank you guys..

  8. PPLIC NOTICE Good day!
    TO: (name of referral)
    THIS is REY SEMBRANO from Phil Prudential Life claiming area.
    You are entitled of Exclusive rewards & Privileges all for FREE. All you need to do is Claim and validate it on (date) @ 22nd floor raffles bldg. Emerald Avenue Oritigas Center Pasig City. For claiming CODE, you may call our office from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm at 914-0359 or 914-0285 upon receipt of this message. Many thanks and God Bless! (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)

    – I have received that text message and they called me too. They congratulated me that I won a scholarship for a 4 year course IT. Too bad for them, I have wisen up. I asked them, how come I won. They told me I was a referral. A REFERRAL.. could you believe that? You won just because you were a referral?? Course not. Do they think all people would buy that shit? Just because they say you WON with their encouraging word FREE, everybody would buy their shit. ‘Course not! I would never go to their place. That scholarship thing was hoax. They would eventually tell you that you would get this scholarship with the big IF you would apply the given insurance policy. In the end, you really didn’t won, the scholarship thingy was just bait so that they could sell you their policies. Sorry for them, most people nowadays are wiser. I wish shittiness in life for them because they know what they are doing. They are deceiving people just to use their money for investment. They have financial knowledge where it was best to invest but instead of sharing it, they use it to get bigger pockets. In the end, the policy holders would only get only a fraction of what could the money have earned. The value of peso decreases as inflation increases. In 15 years endowment, you would just get the same amount of money as in your initial investment. Why is that? Because the value of money decreases. Kung an candy dati ay piso ngayon dos na. Bumababa ang halaga ng piso so kung ang investment mo man ngayon ay 32678php at lagi k man naghuhulog sa knila ng 1016 for 7 years tapos lilipas ang 8 years ang pera mo ay magiging 130 000. In that 130000, your total investment is 118022 so ang kinita ng pera mo lang ay 11978 for 15 years. Nakakaloko diba? Samantalang sila naman ay ininvest ang pera mo sa stock market. Sa isang taon ang maaaring maging increase ng iyong pera ay higit sa 10000. Napakalaking halaga ng 10000*15years = 150000 kumpara sa 11978 na kikitain mo. Ang pinagkaiba lamang ay sapat na kaalaman sa investment. Those PPLIC people would only use your money. They would not tell you how to manage your money well. They would manage it for you and for the profit 3/4 to them, 1/4 to you. And yung 1/4 na un.. after 15 years mo pa makukuha at sa pagtaas ng inflation rate (pagtaas ng bilihin) ang mabibili mo dati sa 118022 mo na investment ay kaparehas lamang sa dami ng mabibili mo sa 130 000 sa madaling salita.. Nde talga ito investment.. kundi pagiimpok lamang.. Kung sa stocks mo inilaan ang pera.. yun ang investment. Masasama ang mga taong ito sapagkat niloloko nila ang mga tao sa kanilang mga pananalita. Bobolahin ka nila hanggang sa ikaw na ang bumubola sa sarili mo na tama ang ginagawa mo. Kung totoong gusto ka nilang tulungan dapat turuan ka nila ng tamang investment at hindi lang para palakihin yung mga bulsa nila. Don’t worry guys.. yumaman man sila dahil sa pambobola at fraudulent actions nila.. mapupunta naman silang hell..

    1. Thanks for the info.. I had the same text Yesterday.. I thought it was a scam.. how can I win if I never signed up for any promo.. but then they called me today.. gives me info that would encourage me to go.. their office is like 3 municipalities away.. so I was thinking twice.. and thanks to your info, I will not go to their office and claim that scholarship.. :)

      I remembered they also “kidnap” us 5years ago from a mall.. and talk to us for like an hour.. I get irritated, so I left the building without them convincing me to get the insurance.. the agent even told us to get insurance and just withdraw it the following day coz her supervisor will scold her if she can’t get us the insurance.. does she think i’m that stupid.. but too bad.. it was only us who didn’t got scammed.. the rest, did.. some of them where old ones.. :(

      1. Yeah, unfortunately they are still on the move. In fact they’re inside every mall in every key cities in the country. And sadly the reason why they’re thriving is because meron talagang naco-convince sa product nila.

  9. na experience ko din ito, umabot ng 2 hours yung usapan namin kasi hindi nila ako napakuha. Sabi ko ay pag-isipan ko muna pero pinipilit pa rin nila ako kayat umabot ng 2 oras pero hindi pa rin ako kumuha kahit 2k na lang daw ang babayaran ko

  10. Muntik na kami ng GF ko mabiktima last week.. may nakasabay kasi ako n babae na medyo may edad na.. nagrereklamu na pala yun sya.. pinagsabihan nya ako na SCAM daw yun.. kaya gusto ko na sanang palabasin yung GF ko sa loob na sabi nila 45 minutes lang daw.. inabot na sya ng 2 hours s loob.. buti nalang at dumating ang ate ko na kahit nasa office lumabas talaga sya para puntahan kami.. muntik na sana makuha yung pera sa GF ko..

  11. Hello sa lhat: scam tlaga ang pplic, ako dapt mature n sa november pang 10yrs ko n dapt ang original plan ko ay berkly napunta ky danvil at napunta ky pplic last 7/23/13 tumawag ako pra alamin ko un policy ko na shock ako n naterminate n un policy since march 2013 ng wala akung ka malay malay ang masakit p wala n raw ako makkuha kc si berkly sa wala funds at pinag ddiinan nla n si berkly ang kausap ng pumirma ako, ang sakin ay bakit p cla na nningil ng sila ang mag take over last 2010 up to present gayung wala n pla maaasahan ang mga plan holder sana nun pang 2010 nag advuse n cla kaso continous p cla nanningil, at mautak p alam nilang mature n un plan ko sa nov bigla nila terminate un plan ko, isang malaking scam ang Philippine prudential life insurance, dapt ipakalat sa laht n wag ng tangkilikin p, kahit ganu cla kalaki funds nila n pinagmamalaki nila at pag mature n un policy ng plan holder bandang huli nga nga

  12. I got a call just this afternoon from a certain arreanes mera saying i won on robinson’s 50th anniverssary raffle promo, and have to claim the reward in their office somewhere in makati together with my company id, bank id & gov’t id..after the conversation that we had i was starting to get confused and got curious so i decided to check the keyword “PPLIC” and yet dont have any idea what that abbreviation stands for,so when i checked it in google boom!! there it goes.. mga walang hiya mga yon scam pala..buti nlang d ako gnun ktanga..nganga sila this monday di na ako pupunta s oficce nila..paalala lng po maging smart lng po tau when it comes to this kind of fraud..naniniwalapo ako s kasabihang “walang manloloko kung walang nagpapaloko”. Sa lahat po ng ngcomment dto maraming salamat this is such a big help lalo na s mga potential victims ng mga walang kunsensya taing ito..lagi po nating isipin sa buhay ngaun nothing is free wag po kau papasilaw s kung anumang rewards na ipapain nila..

  13. I just got a call earlier today from PPLIC that I won and have an unclaimed reward(s) from their office.

    1. A fully-paid insurance plan good until I’m 65 years old.
    2. A scholarship fund that can be used anytime and transferred to anyone.
    3. An entry that will entitle me to a raffle that could make me win Php 15,000.

    No cashout. No seminar.

    I know a lot of people here said that it was a scam. But I’m set on going there in Raffles Corporate Center later with all of these in mind just to check whether or not I could actually claim these rewards without signing up for anything and shelling out any money.

    Who knows, maybe I could actually get them right? Then I’ll update everyone on my experience. The do’s and don’ts :). Then we can use their tactics against them and benefit from it.

    #notetoself do not be fooled into giving out and swiping your card

  14. Buti na lang at nabasa ko to. Papunta na sana ako sa Ortigas para iclaim yung 2 years scholarship daw na napalanunan ko sa raffle. Scam din pala.

  15. Grabeh to.. ako din i recieve a call and txt, tapos binigyan ako ng claim code number, sa ortigas… yun nga ask ako if meron akong ATM or credit card. pupunta na sana me bukas to claim ng 2 years scholarship

    pero nong nabasa ko mga comments, nag reply ako sa nag t txt sa akin punta ako na kasama ko mga T3 Brothers, ayun tumahimik na.. hahaa..

    may mga gingwa ba gobyerno or mga kinauukulan para masugpo itong mga modus na katulad nito….

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